Loving Contact Keeps Mom or Dad safe at home.  We give you confidence in knowing that someone is paying attention when you’re very busy at work and doing your hectic schedule.  You would love to be the one calling to check in, but there are times when you simply cannot.  Loving Contact also help preserve Mom’s or Dad’s dignity by maintaining the family structure they are accustomed to while preserving your sense of security knowing they are not alone.

Loving Contact is more than a service that give Mom or Dad a button to push.  We give them connection with a human who talks with them as many times as needed for their safety.

There are several services we offer.dependent-441405_640

  • We call them at the times you wish, to make sure that all is well.  This can be from 2 times a day to as many times a day as you need.
  • When we call them, we give Mom or Dad reminders to take their medicine or ask if they have done so.
  • We remind them of appointments so they can be ready on time.
  • We wish them a very Happy Birthday!

There are so many things you want a human to care about.


We remind Mom or Dad you care.


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